October 22, 2017
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  • Necklace Circle Charm

    Shine bright and share what you love in this head-turning and stylish necklace. Featuring a circle-shaped personalized pendant, this custom jewelry has a high-quality, easy-to-use clasp. Perfect for women who appreciate fashion and accessorizing.

  • Dark T-Shirt

    Don't waste time deciding on which shirt to put on each morning. This dark t-shirt will never go out of style. This high-quality t-shirt is pre-shrunk and 100% cotton. More colors available!

  • Light Hoodie

    Your kids will love this comfortable hoodie sporting a Classic SpinkyCat design. This hooded sweatshirt displays Spinky Cat holding a peace sign with his favorite saying: Itch-it!

  • Women's T-Shirt

    Make a greener apparel choice! Enjoy the relaxed and natural fit of this eco-friendly women's tee. Knit from luxurious ring-spun 100% organic cotton, this naturally soft and comfortable ladies' organic t-shirt is perfect for Earth Day or every day. Also available in Wasabi color.

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Welcome to Itch-It! the movement, the revolution,, the feeling of doing good. Love and peace!

Welcome, Bienvenue, Velkommen.

We’re always glad to have cool folks from around the world stumble upon Itch-it.com in their search for inspiration and laid back t-shirts and more. If you’ve never been here before, you might be thinkin’ what’s “it” all about?

“It’s” something that you do or strive to do (a little voice inside of you that says “stop thinking about it and Itch-it!”). “It” can be an activity (soccer, skiing, golfing, etc.); a driving force (peace, love, faith); an endeavor (art, volunteering, nursing) or anything you want “it” to be. Whether you’re into the outdoors; adventure; exploring & travelling or just out looking to go for a hike or mountain bike trek… Itch-it! tees, hoodies and gear are right there with you.

There’s an Itch-it! design and message for all ages, shapes and sizes. Kids love our active little mascot named SpinkyCat and like to see him on the basketball court, on the baseball diamond, catching air on a skateboard and enjoying other cool activities where kids are having fun and enjoying the good life. Wherever and whenever you’re looking to express “it”- we’re right there with ya. There are no boundaries to hold you back, so sit back & chill… browse our site, send us a note, read our blog and pick yourself up some cool threads along the way.

Peace, Love, Adventure & Happiness


SpinkyCat & Crew

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