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What is “it”?

“It” is something that you do or strive to do (a little voice inside of you that says “stop thinking about it and Itch-it!”).  “It” can be an activity (soccer, fishing, golfing, etc.); a driving force (peace, love, faith); an endeavor (art, volunteering, nursing) or anything you want “it” to be.

Our Story (How “it” all began)

chris_marineWhat do a French-born Green Beret, a Norwegian Biologist, a bunch of dogs, two adorable kids and one goofy looking cat have in common?  Read on my friends and learn how “it” all began…
In 1985 Christophe Marin, a French born kid who grew up in the Chicago suburbs joined the US Army after a kick in the pants from his mom and dad due to his “near failure” of high school.  He  found inspiration in serving his country and cleaned up his act.

printAt barely 19, Marin was selected for paratrooper school and aboard his first C-130 airplane, he stood in the open door at 1,500 ft altitude when the jump master looked at him with a grin and said “you gotta have an itch for adventure to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.”  A minute or so later he was sailing through the clouds with the silky canopy of a parachute above him.  He liked that “itch” analogy so much he coined a catchy phrase for life’s adventures.  Friends and family helped spread the word and “Itch-it!” began to hop from one person (and adventure) to another.

KarenThe years whizzed by and in addition to parachuting and his service to country, Marin pursued many more “its” including a stint in the Army Honor Guard in Washington DC;  repelling out of helicopters; running 10k races; a spot on the ’89 Presidential inaugural committee; rock climbing; mountain biking; a year long challenge at Ft. Bragg earning the coveted Green Beret and then college.  It was while attending college in Illinois that he met a beautiful Norwegian biology student named Karen who he tutored in chemistry. She passed the course; they fell in love and soon adopted two dogs.

ford_escortFor the next five years Christophe & Karen continued to “Itch-it!” together.  Driving a faded red Ford Escort and living on a MasterCard, they hit the road with their pooches (Flooda & Binka). While earning Biology degrees, they trekked to Sedona, Boulder, Denver, Frisco, Devils Tower, Beantown, Chi-town, the Big Apple, Mt. Shasta, San Antonio, Seattle, Burlington, Tampa, the Keys and many other cool spots until they finally graduated and landed “real jobs” somewhere near the Adirondack Mountains of NY.

daughtersLife seemed to blaze forward (as it often does) and they got wrapped up in climbing more corporate  ladders than lush hillsides.  With two healthy loving daughters and crazy work schedules as pharmaceutical reps, “it” became clear to them… they should start a small company to inspire adventure, peace, love and happiness in the world.  What would their company make?  It would produce inspiring T-shirts and cool stuff to help others express their “it” in life just like the old Army and College days! 

spinky_catChristophe drew up a character called SpinkyCat™ as a fun way to express & depict the various “its” that their family liked to do together (e.g.- skiing, hiking, art, biking, soccer, travelling, etc.).  Soon after, with the help of some old felt from the family beach house in Cape Cod and some crafty sewing by Christophe’s mom Kathie, SpinkyCat came to life.

Since then, with SpinkyCat leading the charge, more and more peeps around the world have been inspired to “Itch-it!” one T-shirt at a time. 

So… now that you know the scoop about Itch-it! and SpinkyCat… we’ve gotta ask you…

What’s Your it?

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