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Untitled document Doing-good-with-it, A cause we believe in…We believe that every human being living on little ‘ol planet Earth has the capability of doing good with “it” - A cause we believe in - Animal Friends in Need - Meghan Marin

A cause we believe in…

We believe that every human being living on little ‘ol planet Earth has the capability of doing good with “it”.  We took inspiration from 10 year old Meghan Marin.  Check out Meghan’s story below and get involved in your neck of the woods.

Hi- I’m Meghan & I live out in the country in Central New York.  Some of my favorite “its” are dogs, cats, singing, the performing arts, drawing and soccer.  When I was 10 years old, I started a program that I called "Animal Friends in Need" as a way to help out critters of all shapes and sizes around the world. I figure since we're humans, we should lead by example :-) Each year for my birthday party instead of asking for presents... I ask for donations & goodies for our local Humane Society (Rome Humane Society in Rome, NY). 

Each year my family, friends and I donate hundreds of dollars of donations and supplies to the humane society.  They need all the help they can get to take care of so many animals in need.I think it’s cool that our friends at created a logo for us to spread the word about helping animals.  It’s also pretty awesome that SpinkyCat and the crew at Itch-it! make donations towards Animal Friends in Need and help spread the word to kids and their parents around the world.I hope that you’ll consider having an “Animal Friends in Need” theme at your next Birthday Party to help out your local animal shelter. 

Be kind and pay “it” forward,


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