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Tuesday, 22 May 2012 10:42

“Hey Spinky, come on over,” s-s-said Maverick & Hakumaji

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And like that, SpinkyCat was on the road again. Out pallin’ around with friends in New York, SpinkyCat met up with 2 very groovy super-star corn snakes (and their owners). Sharing stories and a slithering good time, the group enjoyed an afternoon getting to know one another.
It’s not often that SpinkyCat gets to meet such famous reptiles as Maverick & Hakumaji (The orange snake is Maverick named after a 77 Ford Maverick and the pink one is Hakumaji [no clue on this one]). These corn snakes are known around the country as rare beauties because of their pastel colors. As part of the afternoon, SpinkyCat and his reptile buds also got a chance to talk about the finer things in life such as life in the southeastern United States, where corn snakes have been living for generations dating back to pre-colonial days. So why do they call them corn snakes anyway? The name “corn snake” comes from the fact that they have a maize-like pattern on their bellies and because they are often found in corn fields. To wrap up the nice visit, the question that begged to be asked to Maverick & Hakumaji was “What’s your it?” The snakes paused and both chimed out in a chorus of slithers- “mic-c-ce man, we love them mice.”

“Me too,” winked SpinkyCat. “Me too”

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